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Four charged in dogfighting, 10 dogs seized in Gwinnett

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 09/07/07

Investigators in Gwinnett County were searching for evidence Friday after raiding a house and charging four people with dogfighting.

Deputies with the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department and animal-control officers raided the house in Snellville on Thursday night and charged four people with criminal attempt to commit dogfighting.

The four were identified Friday as Luis Reyes Esquival, 30; Jose Natividad Hernandez-Chable, 37; Efren Reyes, 33 and Mauricio Montoya, 27.

Stacey Bourbonnais, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's department, said authorities seized 10 dogs, including three puppies, and 14 chickens at the house at 3362 Southhampton Way.

Investigators planned to dig in parts of yard as part of their search for evidence. They brought jail inmates to the house Friday morning in case they needed help digging.

After federal authorities charged Michael Vick with dogfighting, Sheriff Butch Conway of Gwinnett County offered to pay $10,000 of his own money for information about dogfighting.

As a result of the reward offer, the sheriff's department received about 15 tips and opened two or three investigations, Bourbonnais said. During one of those investigations, investigators received information that led them to raid the house in Snellville on Thursday night, she said.

"The investigation is ongoing and additional charges and arrests could follow," she said.

The Georgia Sheriffs' Association followed suit this week by announcing a statewide reward program for information on people involved with dogfighting around the state.


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I knew they fought chickens, didn't realize dogs too.


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Dogfighting is pretty big anyway. Very popular in Japan and Russia as well.