somebody decided to make a separate field for displayed name and log in name. ass. i'm supposed to be somebodysangel (well, i AM)... maybe you know me from the old maximonline? love and licks, angel

SomebodysAngel, for Login use:
SomebodysAngel ;)

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I am sure that Stingray can switch your names or you could re-register.
What did you do on Maxim Online ?
Its fixed, just login with the name SomebodysAngel. Case Sensitive!


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Their ya go. Welcome to the board. Stingray will help anytime you need it. He is cool.
Thanks, Stingray. What a welcome. Uh, Maxim Online used to have a great board. They've since shut it down and some of the users met again elsewhere. What did I do there? I was the forum flirt. And now? I'm glad to be here. *wink* love and licks, angel