Dollar Shave Club??


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Has anyone else seen the new commercial for this? Our blades are fucking great!


Lost it at "looking good pop pop"



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This is the best ad I've ever seen.

Chin nuts

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" Your grandfather had one blade and polio" fucking great.


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If this guy (and his product) are for real, he stumbled upon the perfect fucked up commercial to rope in bald retards such as I. He's a genius!


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I saw online that he used to be a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade.


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I signed up for the 6 dollar a month package. That ad killed me.


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That was fucking hilarious


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Not real happy about my first experience with these guys but I guess they didn't expect as much business as they got.

Last week the Internet came to visit, and as a result, we're unable to fulfill your 4X order right now.

Yes, we think this sucks too. But we're giving you options.

Here they are:

If you'd like to hold your place in line, do nothing, and you will receive your first shipment on May 15th.
If you'd like your $6 refund, no problem. Please Click this link. Log in, and click the refund button.
We'll handle the rest.
Please accept our sincere apologies for not being able to meet initial demand. We'll make sure it doesn't happen again.


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Dollar Shave Club
Fucking May 15th? Uggh


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Not for nothing but they kind of blew up recently. I dont blame them for being majorly backordered because of the huge internet success they found. Let them hold onto your six bucks and let them catch up to the complete awesomeness that was their interweb splash.


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It's $6, I've spent $20+ on movies that entertained me far less than that commercial.

Oh, and I am not signing up because I have a family member that works at playtex and gets me schick razors cheap as fuck.