Don amd Mike no more

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It's Official: Geronimo To Quit D&M Show, O'Meara To Continue - 2/4 -

DCRTV told you last year that there was a high probability that Don Geronimo (right), half of WJFK-FM's nationally-syndicated Don and Mike show, would be leaving this spring. Well, Geronimo made it official on Monday's show. "I'm quitting," he said on the air. "My heart is just not in this." Geronimo's last day will be May 30. "This is a decision that I came to about a year ago." Long a trademark of Geronimo's show, he has put his private life on the airwaves. Including talk about the tragic death of his wife, Freda, in a car accident in July 2005. And, Geronimo said, he wants to continue to "explore life" with his new girlfriend and needs to "take a break" from the radio biz. Geronimo also made the official announcement that his radio partner and good friend, Mike O'Meara, will continue to do the afternoon drive show with regulars Buzz Burbank, Joe Ardinger, and Robb Spewak come June. Geronimo did not rule out a possible radio consultancy gig after he takes some time off

Can't blame him too much. I remember when his wife dies and Opie said hands off to f-ing with them over it (probably because Hoo-Hoo talked trash about Opie's Dad's death, and Don and Mike did NOT)

But how can you claim that your wife's death has taken your heart out of radio and then say you want to spend more time with your new girlfriend?

OR maybe Don Geronimo knows FM sucks and is bailing before it is too late.

OR, based on the line, "Geronimo did not rule out a possible radio consultancy gig after he takes some time off", maybe Geronimo will be working with, who knows... "Friends become enemies and enemies become friends..."

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