Donkey Sex Suspect, Says It's His Constitutional Right To Have Sex With Animals

Dec 8, 2004

Carlos Romeros' lawyers argue it's their client's constitutional right to have sex with animals.

A Florida man accused of having sex with a miniature donkey named Doodle is protected by the United States Constitution, his lawyers say.

In a motion obtained by and filed with Marion County court, Carlos Romero's attorneys argue that the state's anti-bestiality law deprives Romero of his "personal liberty and autonomy when it comes to private intimate activities."

Romero's lawyers said the statute violate's their client's due process rights and the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment in the U.S. Constitution.

The 32-year-old previously rejected a plea deal that would have required a year of probation, a $200 fine, a psychosexual evaluation and possible treatment, STD testing, no contact with children in a school setting, no ownership or possession of any mammals and revocation of his license to work in horse racing.

The accusations stem from an August incident in which a witness reportedly saw Romero with his pants down “up against the rear of the donkey," according to the Smoking Gun.

Romero reportedly stepped away from the donkey and pulled up his pants when he saw the witness.

But, when Marion County detectives questioned him about the incident, he allegedly admitted that, when the donkey is in heat, he will stand behind her, scratch her withers and masturbate. He says he "likes the way her fur feels on his privates," according to WSTP-TV.

GeekoSystem writes that Romero's lawyers deserve credit for fighting for their client.

All joking aside, no one can accuse Romero’s trio of public defenders — Joshua Wyatt, Scott Schmidt and Joshua Lukman – of not doing absolutely everything in their power to win the day in court for the so-far less than entirely cooperative Mr. Romero. These three guys are going to have their names attached forever to a legal document stating that sex with animals shouldn’t be against the law because they believe their client deserves the best representation they can offer.​

Romero has testified that he wants his case to go to trial. If he's convicted of bestiality, Romero could face a year in county jail.
Dec 12, 2007

Those are the eye's of a man who found a loophole around dealing with women's bullshit.

I don't think I've ever been that happy.
Dec 12, 2007
I just realized I think I stole my line from Greg Geraldo's bit about gay guys being so happy because they never have to deal with women.

I miss Greg, one of best comedic writer's of all time.

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Donkey Sex Suspect, Says It's His Constitutional Right To Have Sex With Animals

I think his defense argument pretty much negates his status as a "suspected" donkey fucker.

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Aug 26, 2005
I used to work with a Mexican that was telling me the local priest in his village had to give the men and boys a talking to about the sin of burro fucking, which apparently was rampant. Of course I made fun of him for about a year afterwards. I used to ask him about if they would let guys take their burros to the movies, and if you pet it and kiss it, or just start fucking. How awful does a girl feel when he left you for a burro?


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Aug 6, 2009
What's he supposed to fuck now, fish? That's for the birds.


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Mar 2, 2006
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Well, in all fairness, the Constitution only lists like 2 crimes, and this isn't one of them....

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Aug 22, 2005
So, umm, anyone seen Woodenplank today?

Hey, better the donkey than your STD-ridden ass, right?

I don't live anywhere near Ocala. Seems like all the crazy shit happens on the peninsula, not up here in the panhandle.
Dec 8, 2004
Carlos Romero, Man Who Had Sex With Donkey, Arrested Again

A Florida man convicted of engaging in sexual activity with a miniature donkey has landed himself in hot water again.
Carlos Romero, 32, was out on probation Thursday when he was arrested for allegedly stealing 16 train batteries valued at $10,880 from the Florida Northern Railroad, according to

Police said that Romero admitted to taking four batteries and bringing them into a recycling company to sell for scrap. Recycling company officials told authorities Romero was paid $161.46 for the batteries.

Romero, who had been arrested on bestiality charges in September, pleaded guilty in December as part of a plea deal, and was sentenced to one year of probation and a $200 fine. reported that, since his release, he had been living in his pickup truck or in the woods and eating food from dumpsters, and that he stole and sold the batteries because he needed cash to pay for his truck's insurance.

His plea deal also required him to give up his donkey, undergo psychosexual evaluation, avoid any contact with children at a school or playground, and avoid unsupervised contact with animals.

Romero and his attorneys had initially rejected the plea deal, arguing that Florida's anti-bestiality law was in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

He also waxed poetic about his preference for animals over humans, explaining that critters "do not seek other pleasures” and their feelings are “100 percent honest,” as opposed to "promiscuous" humans, who “stab you in the back, give you diseases [and] lie to you.”

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Aug 25, 2008
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