Don't buy Netgear


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Damn thing died after less than 2 years. It started constantly resetting, then somehow it factory reset all by itself. Had it all back to it's old settings and now the power light blinks and nothing more. Factory reset does nothing.


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I have a 6 year old Netgear wireless G. It's still running fine.


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I got Fios. It comes with it's own router. ;)


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I've owned Linksys and never had any problem with them. Only upgraded to take advantage of the increases in speed. Wish I'd have kept the old one for a backup. That router is still working for my nephew.


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I have a Linksys, but I've had netgears too.

The lifespan of a router is only going to be 2-4 years anyway in my experience.

I use DD-WRT custom firmware on the last three routers I've had though. Makes things run much nicer.

That will probably fix whatever is wrong with it unless the chipset has gone bad.


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I had a Netgear wireless router that my father bought years ago. God damn thing had so many flashy lights that my room was lit up like it was christmas time. Thank god the stupid thing was garbage as a wireless router, it was more of a decoration rather than a functional piece of hardware, Linksys is my preferred way to go when it comes to routers.


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Mine quit working too.
did you find my old router?

every factory router I have ever had up until my current linksys has ended up looking like this pic

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Many of your basic consumer routers often are based on the same chipsets, regardless of brand. You can have a Netgear router and a TrendNet that both have essentially the same hardware inside and you can flash the firmware from one onto the other.
I use the Apple Airport and it's great. Had the same router for going on 6 years now. Only issue is the signal is weak in this apartment (old steel framed building). It's a pretty big apartment too. Bought another for my office; same great results.


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Anything you can run DD-WRT on is pretty good.


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What are the benefits of DD-WRT? I've noticed it mentioned a lot, but don't really understand why it is a better firmware.


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What are the benefits of DD-WRT? I've noticed it mentioned a lot, but don't really understand why it is a better firmware.
The firmware is Linux based so it's easy to modify. You can basically install DD-WRT and turn a $100 Consumer grade router into something that would cost 600-1000 to duplicate with other Hardware and software.