Door shut animation


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Im trying to take a picture of a coin and make it swing into scene like a door. Ive created a transparent gif of the coin, imported into image ready and duplicated the current frame of a multi layered imported image of the coin. Each layer showing a distort transform of the swing motion. I save the file as a .gif and it does swing in like it's supposed to but the damn file is big and the coin is friggin huge in my browser. Im using this over a video so its obviously NTSC pixel aspect ratio.

In fact, if i enable the active x control in my IE7 i can click on the coin and it zooms.

Anybody know of a good tutorial online on how to correctly do this? Or have any suggestions?

Ive heard of Xara3D but Im not sure I can import the .jpg or the .gif as the coin an use that. Their website looks more like self generated graphics vice an imported .jpg being used. Anyone have this thing and know any different?
Ive been using Cinema4d and quickly made this
you can use any image file and out put various file I used imageready to convert to gif.
If you want post the image and I can make one for you.
cinema4d or 3DsMax will work, I know with 3dsmax you can create the animation then output it as a png sequence which will give you a transparent background I'm sure C4d and others do the same.