Dope Texts Trooper For Dope

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A 23-year-old Kearney, Neb., may have learned a lesson after making a big mistake: Don't try to buy drugs from a Nebraska State trooper.
The man mistakenly sent a text about buying drugs to a cell phone belonging to a trooper in North Platte, said Deb Collins, a spokeswoman with the Nebraska State Patrol.

The trooper, who was not identified, decided to play along and arranged a meet-up with the man in Broken Bow, Neb.

The man arrived and was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Additional charges are pending, Collins said.
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Why do you think they call it dope?


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Thank God we got this scumbag off the streets :rolleyes:
Fucking pot smokers. Such a drain on society. Put them in jail so they become a real drain. Problem solved.

Under 1oz. Woooo do you live in 'super troopers' or some shit?


Go back to your shanties.
I'd like to know what kind of addict brings drugs with him when he's buying drugs.

Usually when I buy weed, it's because I'm out of weed.


Go back to your shanties.
Under an ounce? Hero Trooper probably booked him for a roach and a seed.
That's a good point.

I was thinking that I always buy under an ounce anyway, so I imagined him having like a quarter in his car or something. But you're right. He probably had a roach in the ashtray or something.

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He was attempting to purchase meth, if you think that's a safe drug, please feel free to do as much as you can possibly get your hands on.


Meth is completely safe if you want to turn yourself into the Walking Dead.