Douche chill video I made when I was 17

Razor Roman

Aug 27, 2002
Sayreville NJ
So, when I was 17, we had an "independant study" project in our History class. We were learning about Civics and had to do a project illustrating our knowledge of any of the topics we covered. So 2 friends and I made a video called "Road to the White House 96" It was a fake Presidential election recap. Basically we ripped off our style from The Rutles and other fake documentaries.

Again, we were 17... we were douches... and we did all of it on VHS and edited it in non linear editing. :)

Some stupid things we did during shooting

1. We didn't have a black friend to be the black power candidate. So we put a christmas wreath on a dude's head and backlit him, then we filmed the shadow The wreath looked like a fro

2. I do Howard Stern's voice in one scene

3. Yes, we DID use the Back to the Future music




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Jan 26, 2005
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