Dr Westheimer's new book out, Anal for Dummies

A nice appearance by Dr Westheimer and a bashing by precious...
I didnt get a chance to hear it was she really on the show or did Ant do a impression of her?



On the show (she was up at WINS and stopped in), Opie made the suggestion for a new book "Anal for Dummies" and then she was ready to leave, bailed shortly thereafter...

Rudy G. Sux, O&A Rox!
yeah, she came in during the first break, and talked for five minutes, basically plugging more than a jay mohr appearance. then opie asked her what her next book would be, Anal for dummies (since she wrote sex for dummies)
SHe then got the vibe of the show, and bascially wrapped things up and said farewell.....it was pretty entertaining, opie was the outrageous one, while ant kissed her ass.....
Did she last longer than Darva Conger?

hey yo b
i'm gonna have my buddy fred dirst of limp bizcuit on my show monday at 3, come check it out, as well as your chance for a new playstation 2 @ 4:17, during the new creed song, the 92nd caller wins....

now it's time for a 92 minute rock block
Um wow Ok Horiffic!!! I think more people listend to Mason and Kalinsky than Will Pendarivis.