Movie Dragged Across Concrete (Gibson, Vaughn, 2018)


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Saw it, and basically walked away thinking Brawl In Cellblock 99 was better than this, and Bone Tomahawk better than either.

I felt it further testified to what Zahler favors in his films, and, in a nutshell, it's Tarantino's tense tavern scene in Inglorious Basterds but with less certainty of what the outcome is likely to be.

But now, the lingering feeling that's building over time, is the fact that I didn't expect the end to play out as it did, and realizing that fact was the point of it. It may not have been satisfying as Bone Tomahawk was, but that was to me.

If anything, the more I'm reading the left-leaning hit-piece reviews, the more stupid they all seem for the fact it went over their heads.