Dragon's Crown - PS3/Vita

Barely Legal

Standing on his head
I've been looking forward to this stylistic Streets of Rage RPG game since the first trailer was released. A bunch of early reviews are starting to come out and are averaging out to a 85-95% score on Metacritic, although that average seems to be getting dragged down by a few reviewers who can't handle that the Sorceress has massively gigantic breasts.

I plan on picking up the Vita version. Using the touchscreen to unlock chests makes more sense than using the right analog stick to control a cursor (see PS3 gameplay video below). I'll probably start out as a Fighter/Dwarf/Amazon but I definitely want to try out the Sorceress/Wizard or Elf down the line.

This game looks fantastic. Can't wait.

transit grinder

Baglin' with the Sex
I bought this because I'm obsessed with the old D&D arcade games and Golden Axe. This is like them, but with more to do.

They need to reign their artist in, though. Giant breasts everywhere.