Dream Match Up

Ok who would be like a dream match up you would love to see from any federation or same it doesnt matter? I would like to see a Kevin Nash v.s. HHH hell in the cell or a Bret Hart v.s. HBK hell in the cell, Austin v.s. Goldberg would be interesting too.

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY
well i doubt a bret hart vs, hbk hell in the cell would be good since both men are excellent mat technicians and not brawlers. HBK had a great hell in the cell with undertaker. But i doubt that it would top the iron man match hbk and bret had when michaels won the wwf belt for the 1st time.
In overtime none the less.

But a match i want to see is HBk vs. HHH great mat wrestlers who arent afraid to bleed and put their bodies on the line. But that dream match may become a reality on april 1, 2001 in texas.

everyone wants to see austin goldberg but i think that match would suck ass for some reason.

ANother great match would be jeff hardy vs. rob van damme or hbk vs. rvd

and here's a few more

hogan vs. the rock strap match
nash vs. taker hell in the cell
benoit vs bret hart iron man match
sandman vs. stone cold beer drinking contest
HHH vs. Scott Steiner sledge hammer on a pole match
Bischoff vs. McMahon iron circle match
trish stratus vs major gunns panties on a pole match
goldberg vs. HHH no holds barred
Yeah from what i have been reading the last couple of days and this weeks ross report it looks as thought the HBK/HHH match will happen and maybe a few more matches before that or after or maybe both for storyline purposes.

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY
Dynamite Kid in his prime vs. Chris Beniot now
Iron man match

HBK vs. Rick Rude (both in there prime)
Steel cage match

Abdullah the Butcher vs. Balls Mahoney
Weapons match

Kerry Von Erich (in his prime) vs. HHH

Mankind vs. Undertaker
Hell in the Cell
(yes I know but the first one ruled so lets see it again)

and finally
Scott Hall vs. Jeff Hardy
Ladder Match
The king of ladder matches vs the crazy young kid