Drew Peterson on Shepard Smith


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I was just watching Fox News and Drew Peterson, the guys who wife is "missing" and hes a suspect aka he killed her. So they had an interview because tehre was something to do with Steve Dahl and a radio stunt. But Shep ask the questions that you konw he would ask about how is suspected of killing his wife, and he walks off the interview. I dont have the vid but if someone could find it was it really interesting.


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It's not like there aint blue barrels lying around* all over the state of Illinois or anything. Wait there is.
Chief is one thing, but I bet he has his supporters. This fucking guy will get away with it and go on to kill again.


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Nope. I think they probably got him now...if those remains happen to be the right ones.
You know after last night hearing the Lawyer again i dont know who's creepier him or the actual guy that murdered the two women.


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Immediately? This is his second wife he's murdered.
I guess the chief followed the ol' "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." addage.