Drudge Jr.'s last words

after my phone call on opie and anthony i wrote this on ronfez.net :

well it looks like i'm in deep shit again. if you didn't hear today i was on o&a and i told them how i fealt the show was going downhill and they said they were going to make sure i never went on ron and fez again. although losing WNEW will really suck for me i can deal with it, and if for any reason i'm also banned from this message board due to what is said i would like to offer my sincear gratitude for everyone on ronfez.net, and if i'm never on ron and fez again then i'd also like to thank everyone associated with ron and fez for letting me on the air a few times.

i'd probably post something like this on opieanthony.com but i've been banned from that posting.

ron, fez, al, billy, hawk, everyone else on ron and fez - if you do decide to ban me i'll understand and i'll always be thankful for being part of the best show on WNEW, even if it was just a few calls. thanks ron and fez.


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The show has not gone downhill, your voice has. Go outside and play hide and go seek or manhunt or something! You have way too much time on your hands. You came off like alittle kid trying to be a toughboy.

:::Fat Bastard::: Oh, I'm a hardcase he says, well listen up Sonny Jim, your just a baby, baby the other, other white meat, baby it's what's for dinner :::Fat Bastard:::
Don't you get it? Go watch Pokemon and buy some trading cards.


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Drudge Jr. what you have to do is get your new site up then let me promote the hell out of it then you will have to be a man of contention. what soes that mean???I DONT KNOW. lol
PS. welcome to the greatest board in the world. and thats commin from a fellow banned x toolidian

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Hey maybe if Drudge Jr. spends a little time in Nortons Lad Bag (Crinkle Crinkle) they will let you back on the show!


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1st Welcome to wackbag Drudge jr.
Vent out all you want here hun.
If what you feel that the show is goin downhill.then that is on you and that is how you feel.If people judge you for it then fuck them! you have the right to what you feel and no one can stop that.
I wont Judge you on it.


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Do like O' Dirty did: stay away for a couple of months and then come back. O&A kind of forgave Psycho Mark, so they might let you back on after this cools over.
I dunno, O&A are not as good as they use to be. now don't get me wrong i still luv them
& listen to them but not as much as i was b4 syndication & their millions!! get rid of stalker patty bring back spaz,get rid of norton bring back siko mark, get rid of that shitty producer rick & put stinky in charge, bring dice back with naked teens & lezzies wtf if going on dammit........(ignore me please)


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Shit I miss the hell out of Spaz..he was funny as hell that guy.Really stupid but totaly funny.
Mark is dearly missed also I will agree on that.
The show changed a bit cause to many commercials.
Norton is good for the show but to many people lick his ass by always saying he rules and shit.The man knows how he is no need to remind him.
I agree to an extent, I think the show has changed some since syndication. But you have to expect it with all the new markets etc.
I totally miss Spaz! The man was the dumbest
genius ever to walk the earth. And psycho Mark rules also. We need more maniacs, and less of Patty/Laverne etc. ;) ;)