Drugged Man passes out on Baby


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Uh... I guess god needed a new Baby Seat?
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Man Sits on and Kills Baby

CAMPBELLSBURG, Ky. -- A man who police said passed out intoxicated on top of his 2-year-old grandson has been charged with reckless homicide in the boy's death.

Donna Marie Cull, the child’s grandmother, said when 2-month-old Xavian Cull was born, he spent 11 days in the NICU with a heart valve defect. He had two blood transfusions and survived.

Cull and her husband, David Cull, had custody of Xavian and his 5-year-old half-sister.

"I was shocked. A bit surprised,” she said. “But I just can't believe that he took the baby away."

"The infant had been placed somehow in a soft cushion chair, and the suspect allegedly, in an apparent intoxicated state, sat down in the chair where the infant was laying and passed out in the chair," said Detective Steve Goodale of Kentucky State Police.

Police said around 5 a.m. Thursday, a family member woke up 50-year-old David Cull, whom police said appeared to have been intoxicated from prescription drugs.

The grandmother said when she discovered Xavian, he was unconscious and unresponsive.

"His lips were purple, and he had four purple stripes down the side of his face,” she said. “I blew in his face and he wouldn't breathe. His hands were clenched, and he was cold."

Police said they got the 911 call around 7:30 a.m. and arrested Cull. Later that day, Child Protective Services came and took the 5-year-old girl and placed her with other relatives.

In one day, Donna Marie Cull lost her grandson, her granddaughter and her husband.

“I know he loved him. It was an accident. I know it was an accident,” she said. “It wasn't intentional, I’m sure."

David Cull's bond has been set at $5,000 or $10,000 property. He's behind held at the Carroll County Regional Detention Center.

Glenn Dandy

you gotta be pretty high to not feel a baby under you.

When my son was a baby, his mom worked till 1 AM so i would be drinkin beers after work...usually no big deal... but i got drunk once and passes out after i had put him to bed of course.

but she was mad,,, and I had to agree... If there was an emergency or somethin i shouldnt be drunk..lol

never drank again when i had my son.


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I wonder if a baby is comfy.
looks like god needed a baby to sit on.

what an asshole..again...darwinism at work


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[Louis Armstrong]...and I think to myself, what a won-der-ful world[/Louis Armstrong]

Campbellsburg, KY - David Cull, 50, was high on pharmies Wednesday night. So when he sat down in his favorite chair and passed out, nobody thought too much about it. Until Thursday morning about 5:00, when it occurred to someone in the home that Cull’s grandson, two-month-old Xavian, had been awfully quiet all night. When David Cull got out of his chair, they found out why Xavian hadn’t cried.
Continues here...

Glenn Dandy

Judging by the picture It looks like Jerry Springer just lost a potential guest.


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what the hell kind of family doesn't notice that a 2 month old is not in his crib or drawer or wherever white trash keep their kids?? And then, they wake grandpa up at 5 AM but don't call 911 until 7:30 AM??

Cold & heartless as this may sound but that baby's better off dead.


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2 kids...two seperate dads... one with a birth defect and named xavian. Both raised by granparents...

Sounds like mom made poor choices.


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Ironic His last name was Cull

Culling is the 'selection' (removing or killing) of surplus animals from an animal population. In a wild population the selection is often done by killing the animal immediately. In a domestic situation the culling process involves selection and the selling of surplus stock. The selection may be done to improve breeding stock, for example for improved production of eggs or milk, or simply to control the group's population for the benefit of the environment and other species.

Razor Roman

isn't that how Adrianna's dog died at the hands...erm, Ass, of Christopher?


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
isn't that how Adrianna's dog died at the hands...erm, Ass, of Christopher?
that was the first thing that i thought of. that sucks poor old guy just wanted to drink away the thought of his un wed daughter and ends up killing the grandbaby it sucks all around


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In an interesting coincidence, there was a turkey in the baby's crib.


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In another odd coincidence, I thought the old man might have had a baby arm in his pants, but then again I lost the race game.


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That sure does sound comfy. Hey Earl, do we have any soft cushion baby chairs back there?


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Best night's sleep he had in months I bet...


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Allright - let's be honest here. Show of hands: How many of us would have lost the game of, "Guess the race"?
I won. Passing out on your baby is sooooo a white trash crime. Think Britney Spears.