Dude...in the library?


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Lewd act in Beaverton, OR library leads to arrest

by Mike Benner
Bio | Email | Follow: @MikeBennerKGW Posted on April 3, 2012 at 6:11 AM
Updated today at 6:15 AM

BEAVERTON -- A 33-year-old man was arrested Monday evening after two boys reported that he was masturbating while watching porn on a Beaverton City Library computer.
The 11 and 12-year-old boys saw that the man was masturbating under his coat about 6 p.m.. They called their parents right away, who rushed to the library along with police.
"They shouldn't have to see this ever," said the boys' mother. "As a mom I don't want them to see it their whole lives but especially how young they are."
"There's no words to describe it," added the boys' father. "You want to go into kill mode even though you know it's not the right thing."
Library officials were not available for comment.
Police accused
Giovanni Maipi
of second-degree disorderly conduct. The charge was not worse because the suspect's coat was concealing the lewd act, police said.

Did he give himself an Angry Pirate?


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Those parents reacted as if he had made their little queers jerk him off.

Norm Stansfield

Free Internet access = invitation to the homeless to come and jerk off.


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They set up a public access computer, and they don't install a web filter? What is this, 1995?
Many libraries don't on censorship grounds.

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Parents freaking out, when I'm sure their precious snowflakes are jerking off to porn at home already.

Dude shouldn't have been spanking it in public, but the parents need to fucking chill.
They set up a public access computer, and they don't install a web filter? What is this, 1995?
4-5 years ago, I know for a fact that homeless dudes would come into the library when I was in college and look at porn. The public ones, not the universities.

It'd be a bunch of 12-14 year old playing computer games, homeless dudes looking at hardcore porn, and me waiting there like an asshole who didn't own a printer.


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Many libraries don't on censorship grounds.
If they take the position that they don't censor anything, then they aren't responsible for censorship.
If they do censor some things, they are open to criticism of what their line of allowable vs not allowable is, as well as the responsibility of enforcing the censorship.

It's way easier to not get involved with it.


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The nice fella probably showed the lads the key to a life time of endless, free entertainment. It's just good clean fun.