Duke students outraged over Asian-themed frat party

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Mar 30, 2005

Durham, N.C. — An Asian student group at Duke University has filed a formal complaint with the school after a fraternity hosted a weekend party with a theme that some consider racist.
The party put on Friday by Kappa Sigma originally had an Asian theme, but it was changed to "international relations" after some students complained, according to Larry Moneta, vice president of Student Affairs.
However, pictures posted online show party-goers wearing Asian-style clothing, including a conical straw hat, and a party invite with the salutation, “Herro Nice Duke Peopre.”
The Asian Students Association also held what they called "Race is Not a Party: Rally for an Inclusive Duke" on campus Wednesday afternoon in which 700 people indicated on Facebook that they planned to attend.
"The events of the past week have deeply hurt students in our community," the group wrote on Facebook. "We won't use our platform to alienate, to provide more fodder for stereotypes about Duke, or to trivialize any person's experience. Instead, we will use this opportunity to spread awareness of why the events of the past week were hurtful and to establish a concrete plan for how our community can move forward."
Moneta said administrators learned of the party after they saw the invitations, and they asked Kappa Sigma to cancel the off-campus event. He said the university is now considering what action it may take against the fraternity.
A spokesman for the fraternity's national headquarters said Wednesday that it is aware of the party and is investigating. In the meantime, it has suspended all activities at the Duke Chapter until further notice.
A fraternity spokesman at Duke could not be reached for comment Wednesday. However, Kappa Sigma President Luke Keohane apologized in an article published by The Chronicle, Duke's independent student newspaper.
“Upon learning of the deeply damaging effects of our email to our fellow students, we should have completely canceled the aforementioned party,” Keohane said, according to the newspaper. “The Duke Community in which we exist is one that we see too often as divided, and while our actions have brought attention to and widened that divide, it is our sincere intention to work to contribute to a United Duke.”


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Asians have no sense of humor. I'll use Dat Phan as proof.


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The Asians at Rutgers protested a Ping Pong tournament in 88. Citing it as being racist. Thank God I was in the Latino/Native American dorm.