Dumb Woman Chokes Police Officer to Show Him How Her Husband Choked Her, Goes to Jail

This idiot thought the only way to tell the officer how her husband choked her was to choke the officer. :smackhead: This couple just sounds lovely.


A Florida woman who was arrested for allegedly choking a police officer insists she was only doing what the officer asked -- showing him how her husband allegedly attacked her.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported that Claudia Ambroziak was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer after the reenactment.
Wayne Miller, the assistant chief of police in Port Orange, told FoxNews.com that the police officer never told the woman to demonstrate the assault. Instead, he asked her to explain what happened.

The responding officer said in a report that she placed approximately two fingers and her thumb around the front of his neck and applied pressure, the paper said. He reportedly grabbed the woman "before she was able to apply any more pressure to my neck."

The News-Journal reported that a recording of the incident shows the arresting officer continued to ask Ambroziak why she put her hands on him. She responded, "You said, 'how did he do it?'"

The officer said, "I said, 'How did he do it?' I didn't say demonstrate on me forcefully like you did."


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She sounds like a dummy who misunderstood. Why waste the time and money charging her?


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The woman was probably in freak out mode and wasn't thinking. Stupid, sure, but it doesn't seem like something that necessitates an arrest.