dying girl on okcupid needs a man

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**A word of caution, please read my profile carefully before you IM me or respond to my message. Thanks.

On a serious front, I'm a half white/half Vietnamese female who is divorced, physically disabled, and unable to drive. I'm also extremely chronically ill due to struggling with severe binge eating disorder, and as awful as it is to admit, I have caused myself dire widespread organ, artery, heart, and cognitive damage that may well be irreversible, (I basically am waiting to have a heart attack at any given moment, sadly), as well as very rapidly impending total loss of my eyesight (retinal damage) from unchecked diabetes, which are all causing me constant intense nausea and debilitating exhaustion. I've been attempting to yield proper diagnoses for my symptoms, with no luck thus far, which is frightening. (I say this because it's all part of my daily life and truly makes it hard for me to function.) I'm essentially home bound and have been so for nearly three years, and am loosing my ability to walk now. I am extremely full figured now because of very severe swelling (from a possibly terminal heart condition) and also due to my eating disorder.
I didn't read it all, but she's dying because of binge eating?
I don't even know what that is... Like eating 20 meals in a day? Just massive food intake?

She looks a bit like the Ugly Betty chick, though I'm sure much much bigger and gross.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
i put 20$ that photo is at least 10 years old.
I'm a very ponderous type of person (a former Psychology major) and I love to learn; I long to become a researcher (or perhaps a writer), although, if not for my disability, I would have attempted to enlist into the the US military, which I have a great deal of pride in. (Side note: I also find men in uniform or suits very attractive...)
Liar. If you're so smart you wouldn't go in to the military

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there are more plump pics on her profile

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She knows how to sweet talk a man, I'll give her that but she's also got me thinking I have the diabeetuss, I have a lot of those symptoms except for the fatness and Vietnameseness.


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Under the following specific criteria:

She must refer to me as Joe and I refer to her as either Charlie or VC

We fuck in the doggy style position only, and during the act she must repeatedly say "too beau coup" and at the point of climax she must scream "YOU CACADOW VC, YOU CACADOW VC"

Those are my demands, the ball is in your court sir/ma'am whichever the case may be.


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So if you not eat and/or puke alot everything stops working? Who knew.