hey baby!!11-5!!
i know you new yawkers are all sick of my philly rants, but uummm here i go again!!

look at all giant fans jumpin' ship and rooting for the jets.the jets STINK!!
so forget em and go with mcnabb and da birds!

2002===>> the year af the eagle!!!


I speak the human language
I am actually rooting for the Eagles against Tampa Bay, even though they screwed the Giants out of the division by flat out beating them. I'll give an E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles, Eagles, Eagles!! Happy? :D
I read on espn.com that if Tampa Bay loses against Philly then they are gonna fire Tony Dungy and bring in Bill Parcells and he is gonna sign a 5yr contract that will make him the highest paid coach in the NFL.

I think this deal is most likely gonna happen no matter if the Bucs win or lose. This also fits Parcells M.O. He left The Giants but atleast he won 2 Super Bowls, went to New England and lost 1 Super Bowl, then he left New England not finishing his job there and goin over to The Jets, I was happy at the time and he got us almost there losing in the AFC Confrence Title game. Then we went threw that whole thing bout him retiring and the coaching situation and then him only being in the front office and then that was even too much for him and he ended up leaving all together and no promises of a Super Bowl Championship where fullfilled. If he does go to Tampa Bay he will only do the samething to that team.

Parcells is a great coach but what makes him overated to me is that he is greedy.
Okay Wack..mad props. 31-9!!!
Eagles rule this year.

We New Yawkers just try to keep it local.

E-A-G-L-E-S Birds,Birds,Birds.


hey armymad here's an idea,
why don't you get your boys tiki, kerry, strahan and toomer, and grab a beer( i am pretty sure they have nothing to do this weekend :p :p ) and watch the birds kick the s outta da bears! ok little buddy?? :p :D