E! Celebrity profile. Mary Kate & Ashley


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Okay guy get your vaseline ready cause they are on right now on E!. Put it on. When you look at them, you can't blame Anthony. But when they show clips from "Full house" You start to feel guilty.

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I feel strangley attracted to Mary Kates "priss", she seems like shed be a challenge to nail, But Ashley is definatly a goer


I speak the human language
No doubt bro. I am a firm believer in the fact that Ashley is the goer. You can tell she is just alittle more wild than Mary Kate. With a name like Mary Kate it fits. She sounds like the prude. Ashley likes doing all the talking. She likes keep that mouth open. ;)

By the way, it wasn't True Hollywood stories. It was celebrity profile. The THS will be in five years when they start drinking and sucking dick for dime bags. :D