E3 2019


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
Still a couple months out, but there is enough news starting to leak. First off, the schedule so far:

E3 2019 Schedule

EA Play: Kickoff Event Friday, June 7 (Time TBD)
Microsoft Xbox
Bethesda: Sunday, June 9th at 5:30PM PT
Square Enix:
Ubisoft: Monday, June 10th
PC Gaming Show:
Sony PlayStation: No Press Conference
Nintendo Direct:
Devolver Digital: Confirmed, Date TBD

The big note, of course, is that Sony will not be there.

Bethesda said today that fans need to tamp down their expectations and that neither Starfield or ES6 will be shown at E3

CD project Red said in an internal conference call that this will be their "biggest E3 show ever". Of course, with Cyberpunk likely either this fall or next Spring, it's going to be huge at E3 this year. They apparently already have a second project underway as well.

This is also shaping up to be a giant E3 for Xbox. Without Sony there to steal spotlight, all eyes will be on MS. The chances that they will reveal the next gen consoles are very high and we are likely to get the first look at a couple of the games being made by one of those 17 studios they bought. They are also expanding the Hell out of streaming services and we could get an announcement about that as well.

Nintendo is likely to officially announce the two new Switch versions that have been rumored. Supposedly a smaller one for the kiddies and a higher spec machine for the die hards. They also need to make a good showing game-wise. They are just about out of WiiU ports and their future plans are pretty up in the air. We may get a first look at Metroid, but don't hold your breath. That game was scrapped and given to another developer once already.