Eagle snatches kid, almost takes him away

Fake, so fake, right?

Every other comment is about fakiness. Nothing is real anymore


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
That's fucking hilarious. Needs the Benny Hill music instead of Chariots of Fire at the end, though.
i woulda that it was an american kid.....ya know cuz the eagle couldnt hardly even lift the lil fat fucker

Creasy Bear

gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh
These assault eagles are attacking our children, and they must be banned.

CM Mark

The East is Ours!
THP is right! These damned assault eagles must be banned before more children are hurt or killed by one!

Won't someone PLEASE think of the children!



In The Danger Zone...
Wackbag Staff
So fake. An eagle would have shredded the kid with it's talons.
The kid on the ground has no holes in him or his clothes.