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The God of 42nd Street
I'm watching on Ustream.
Great guy, Dave. Always a popular fella.
Yeah cuz if you listen to ESD too long you'll start a riot and end up in a cast or sumptin tss tss.


Supreme Champion!!!!!
He's a retard.
This quickly became my favorite podcast. I forgot he was the guy that dry jammed a dildo up his own ass when patrice was in studio

God Loves Fags

A clear and dusty day in June

The Dave Man was on The Glory Hole podcast on the RiotCast network. I'm not totally sure how that network runs, but I think the guys who host the Glory Hole show created the network.

It's a really fun listen. It's interesting to hear the Dave Man interact with different people, because usually you just hear him yelling and talking to Pepper. It's also sort of like an introduction to East Side Dave, since the Glory Hole guys don't really know him, they ask him about eating his shit, getting hot sauce in his cock, his awful tattoos, and all that.