ECW GUILTY AS CHARGED PPV: 2 new world champs and the return of the f'n show

I watched the ECW guilty as charged PPV it was a pretty average PPV nothing special i didnt pay attention to a lot of the mid card matches. Roadkill and Doring retained their tag team belts and dreamer beat c.w anderson in a pretty bloody battle.
The night picked up with the world title match, a triple threat between justin credible, sandman, and steve corrino it was a "slobber knocker" folks lots of action and the sandman got the victory and he is the new ecw world heavyweight champion........until rhino comes out after the baldies distract credible and corrino and as sandman is celebrating rhino blind sides sandman and gores him.

Then rhino forces sandman to accept his challange for the title or he was gonna kill his family who was sitting in the audience.

Well after the sandman said ring the fuckin bell it was pretty fundamental. The sandman just went through a war and after being gored through a table in the corner of the ring and then piledriven to a table outside the ring from the apron and then after a ddt onto a piece of the table the sandman got pinned 1,2,3 and you new ecw champion rhino.

BUt the fun doesnt stop there, cyrus comes down to the ring and says anyone who has the balls to face the man beast bring it right fuckin now.....and the whole fuckin show's music hits the air and M.r PPV, Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Damme answers the challange.

Needless to say the crowd goes nuts, But Jerry Lynn sneaks up on RVD from behind and rhino lets lynn take on RVD and rhino exits. The bell rings and we have another RVD vs. Lynn match and the match was spectacular van damme pulled out all the old tricks. Alphonso was absent though but RVD still pulled off the van terminator and the skatebaord in the corner but when it was time for the van terminator...ahh the quintisential stud muffin joel gertner comes to the assist of RVD and holds down the chair as van damme pulls off a flawless van terminator and after that the 1,2,3

So RVD proves he's a team player and he loves the company even though he's at a disagreement with the company and he's owed so much money he still put on a great show and gave the fans 100%
It sounds like a pretty good PPV. I heard that ECW is going back to doing PPV's 2 months for the time being?

I read on Rajah that RVD is talking to Jim Ross and the WWF is interested in him and also Jerry Lynn.