ECW invading WWF read this.

I got this from ECW's website read this i hope this does happen it would rock.By now, we have all heard about Paul Heyman being in Washington, D.C., the site of tonight's RAW Is WAR. Why is Paul Heyman there? No one knows for sure why Paul is in Washington. Whatever the reason for Paul being in Washington, one must ask what will happen with ECW wrestlers?

If Paul does show up on RAW, what will it mean for former ECW stars Justin Credible, Rhino, Jerry Lynn, and Tajiri, all whom have signed contracts recently with the WWF? Will Paul invade the WWF and start his own faction within the WWF? Will Paul want to show wrestling fans just how EXTREME he and his wrestlers can be?

Will Paul and ECW gain a bigger following if they invade the WWF? What if the Dudley Boyz, one of the most successful tag teams in ECW and WWF history, joins Paul's ranks and helps him lead a group of ECW wrestlers to show the world how EXTREME they can be? What if Raven joins Paul and shows the WWF what Hardcore is really about? Will Tazz leave the broadcast position and show the world why he is the "Human Wrecking Machine"? Will we hear Tazz warning the superstars of the WWF "Beat Me if You Can, Survive if I Let You"? Will former ECW stars Chris Benoit, Eddy Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn join the group that gave them their first exposure in the USA, ECW? Will Mick Foley join the ranks of ECW, the organization where he was his most extreme in the ring and the most intense on the microphone?

If Paul and ECW could gain a large following, they could become an unstoppable force.

What if Paul brought along current ECW talent with him? Could we see Tommy Dreamer in the WWF fighting for the company that has been his life for the past eight years? Perhaps Dawn Marie and Simon Diamond will join ECW's rank to add a beautiful manager and a superior technical wrestler to help fight ECW's battle. Who knows, many more ECW wrestlers could be joining the ranks of ECW group.

Will Paul lead a group of ECW wrestlers to invade the WWF? Or will Paul just be there to be an announcer? The only way to find out is to keep checking back here at and by watching "RAW IS ECW" tonight!

Diceman Saotome

Not the first time this has happened.

Akane you dummy!!!!

Your local anime resident. :)

Diceman Saotome

One thing... What happened to the invasion?

Akane you dummy!!!!

Your local anime resident. :)
It is called hype and speculation. Sucks when you fall for that huh?
Yeah i hate it when that happens but it makes all that much more interesting to see what is gonna happen while your watching.


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it will turn out like nwo vs wcw just ecw vs


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after last night raw you could saw that ecw have invade the wwf i may sone be ecw vs wcw :mad:


We'll see what happens.
Yeah Rhino and Spike Dudley showed up. That was pretty cool. Did i miss anyone?
You didn't miss anyone, but Nova missed his shot. He was at the Pepsi arena in the afternoon but got detained in the evening and missed his dark match. Look for him to debut on Smackdown.
All these ECW guys are coming in, but it is still not an ECW invasion or anything close to the nWo angle. Vince is smart enough not to do that. Maybe if Bicshoff was that smart WCW would not be dead in the water. Vince has been smart enough to put these guys into already existing angle and storylines. Look for Tajiri to show up with Keintei and I am not sure what Nova and Jerry Lynn are gonna be scheduled to do, but look for them soon.
What are the possibilties of Rob Van Dam coming to the WWF? I know his attitude in the locker room is a problem.


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The way I feel is anything is possible. It really looks like the invasion is really serious this time. We could be seeing a number of ECW wrestlers invading the WWf. Plus I am sure there will be some WCW members coming soon.
Yes cuz in about 2 weeks, Vince will own the name WCW and it's entire videotape collection... Imagine this.

Monday- RAW on TNN
Tuesday- Nitro on TNN
Wednesday- Thunder on CBS
Thursday- Smackdown! on UPN.

Hey, I can get with that! :)
Yeah i heard about that today i was listening to that interview with him today on that other guys show.

If i was Vince i would just scrap that whole WCW Thunder show cause it always sucked. Just work with Nitro for now until you get some fan base back for WCW.

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WAIT A SECOND I AM LOST HERE DID VINCE BUY WCW??????????????????//// :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: