Elderly Negress Forcefully Penetrated By Adolescent Grandson


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
"You can' be homin' people like dat. Dey ol'.

Also, you gotta love the youtube comments.


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I prefer to get all my urban news through the irate irishman.


En Taro Anthony
Eh.... New Orleans.

Give it up Jake. It's Chinatown.


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fuckin' savages (not a back white issue, because I'm guessing most crimes like this are committed by whites)

the fact that as a society we tolerate any of this behavior does not make us civilized, it dosen't give us our humanity, it dosen't make us better than "them" if anything it makes us worse than them

Someone who is not only capable but also willing to do such a thing has no business being allowed to live other than to be used for scientific experiments, I can't think of any other redeeming quality such a person can have to society.


I can't think of anything funny.
A. How about a GTR on this one? You can make an assumption, but you'll never know for sure.....

B. i can't believe that something like this would happen on George "Nick" Connor Dr. I always thought that the GNCD was a nice road to live on.