Elderly woman beaten with a brick outside her own Clarksdale, MS home


CLARKSDALE, MS - (WMC-TV) – The beating of an elderly woman with a brick outside her home has rocked the city of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Now, there is a city-wide search for that beating suspect.

Shirley Gordon's chilling tale of violence is the latest in Clarksdale, Mississippi. She survived a brutal beating while defenseless at her home. And not only is she living to tell about it, she's warning others in the town to be aware of what's going on around them.

"It's still kind of sore," Gordon said.

Stitches, bruises and gashes remain on Shirley Gordon's face after she literally fought for her life while being beaten with a concrete brick.

"I don't understand how some people can be so mean," she said.

Gordon went just up the street to the corner store but realized she left her card at home. She returned to get it and came back outside to find her car missing. Then she noticed a teen driving it up her street.

"He said Hi I'm bringing your car back I saw it down the street," said Gordon.

Relieved to have her car, Gordon even offered the teen a ride home. But that's not what he was after. The teenager jumped in and grabbed Gordon.

"He was beating the stew out of my head with that concrete brick wrapped in asphalt," she said. "I asked him what have I done to you? And he kept beatin'."

After surviving a battle with heart failure, this woman is used to fighting.

"I was cryin' and I was hurting, but I was not going to let him keep on. I was going to fight him back," she said.

Police had already been called for the missing car, and Gordon's husband was inside. She somehow managed to kick the horn.

"I just prayed to the lord, just prayed I would make it, that's all I could do," Gordon said.

Gordon's story is just one of many violent tales in this Delta town over the past several months, as gang activity is on the rise in her hometown.

"I love Clarksdale. I was born and raised and I plan on leaving this world right here," Gordon said when asked if she felt safe in Clarksdale.

Gordon plans to buy a pistol for protection. The mayor's told the interim police chief to have every officer looking for whoever's responsible.

Police are looking for a suspect in connection with this assault investigation. A surveillance picture was taken inside the store Gordon visited before her attack. If you can help investigators call Clarksdale Police.

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Let's look at this objectively; she had it coming. At some point in her life, she's probably done something to warrant a good beating. I have no proof of this, so I'll be cautious and just assume that it's 100% true.


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