Elevator Ghost Prank


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
I don't know if it's intentional that the thread is blank or just my browser, but either way, I laughed.


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What was their reason for being in the building? Looking for a Weight Watcher's meeting?


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That is some creepy/funny shit.


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We can't have funny shit like this in our country because lawyer victim emotional trauma lawsuit killjoys.


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That was fucking great but yeah, it would never happen here.

Some asshat would get a lawyer and sue for some BS reason.
i'd be on edge too if I was riding an elevator up to the abortion clinic

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Creasy Bear

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In that situation, I would...

-shit my pants

-scream like a bitch

-crush that creepy kid's skull with a ferocious drop kick

-drop dead of a heart attack

In that order.
If that were a little boy and Don was in there he would be checking to see if it's his birthday.