Emerald Isle NC

Anyone familiar with Emerald Isle in NC? We weren't going to go on vacation this year, but now have decided to go. We normally go to Holden Beach NC, but since we waited so long everything in Holden is booked. Basically I am just needing to know if Emerald Isle is a pretty nice place, and if there is a specific end of the island I should rent on? Any recommendations on places to stay?
Emerald Isle is a nice place. My parents had a house there for years when I was growing up. Basically anywhere from Emerald Isle to Pine Knoll Shores is nice. If you want some place that's reasonable and decent then the Sheraton Atlantic Beach is good. It has a cool little amusement park across across the street from it if you have kids. Plus it's right on the beach. The restaurant in the hotel serves a great breakfast too.


Here's a list of other places. Atlantic beach itself is more touristy than the rest of the Island but fortunately the Sheraton is on the outskirts of the town.

I have actually been to Atlantic Beach. My grandfather owns a condo there, but his is booked up as well. Thanks a lot for the input.