Looks like Eminem is under siege on both domestic and international fronts: At home, the rapper (aka Marshall Mathers III) has scoffed at an official recommendation that he pay $142,480 a year in child support for five-year-old daughter Hailie Jade, The Associated Press reports. While he dismisses the sum as too much, estranged wife Kim Mathers thinks it's not enough. According to her attorney, "by reason of the parties' singularly disparate incomes and holdings," the number is "inadequate and inequitable." Meanwhile, Aussies are calling for Eminem to be denied an entry visa to do a concert tour Down Under. A rep for the Australian Family Association told Reuters: "Eminem's explicit and graphic descriptions of killing his girlfriend or raping his mother is not a great message to be sending young people, given our high rates of youth suicide and drug abuse. It compounds the problem." No decision has yet been reached by the Australian government.