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What? No More WWF!

The panda body-slammed The Rock. The World Wildlife Fund, best known for its efforts to protect the giant panda and other endangered animal species, won a court judgment Friday against World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc. over the use of the initials WWF. The decision means the wrestling organization will no longer be able to use its wwf.com Web site address and can't use the initials to promote itself.

The ruling could cost the federation, famous for musclebound wrestlers such as The Rock and Undertaker, up to $50 million to change its logo. And think of the confused "Smack Down" fans. When they type in wwf.com to get the lowdown on tonight's matches they are redirected to a site and learn about panda bears. No word on Vince McMahon's plans for a new moniker but I hear the XFL is available! --Tim Kurz

Kurt Angle battle's Stone Cold Steve Austin for the World Wrestling Federation Championship SummerSlam next week


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that is some crazy fuckin shit
fuck its not cool


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the would just change it to wwfe.com


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I have to believe Vince will appeal. That is complete bullshit. Who gives a fuck about panda bears. they ae on the other side of the world. How about WWFU. That sounds perfect.


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::::::::::::::::FUCK THE PANDAS::::::::::::::
This court battles has been going on for years. The World Wildlife Foundation and the World Wrestling Federation made an agreement a few years ago that allowed them both to use the initials WWF but they both stated they wouldn't promote themselves with the initials or use them as their name. They have both not lived up to that. Vince took a big blow with this decision but he will surely appeal. I believe the World Wildlife Foundation took acception to the fact that Vince changed the name of his company from Titan Sports to the World Wrestling Federation Enterprises and were upset when the stock was labeled as WWFE. I believe Vince will just add the E to the end of WWF on the web addresses or do what ECW did with there webpage, which was make the address WWFwrestling.com. Vince should appeal it and tie this up in courts for more years. The only problem is that the World Wildlife Foundation (which is a great organization even though they are battling one of my favorite organizations) will not go away and will be around for a long time. I think it would be kewl if Vince wrote this into the storyline and allowed the "Alliance" (I hate that crappy name) to actually invade and take over the WWF. Then he could just rename the whole thing. That of course would take a lot of planning and a lot of money to change logos, website address and everything else they branded with the WWF logo. Don't expect Vince to go down without a fight though.
That's fucking bullshit. Kill the damn pandas. What good are they anyway? And how can they just take a domain name. I thought you were allowed to make any domain name you want. The wildlife crap should have to buy it from the wwf.
Press Release
SOURCE: World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc.
Statement From World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. Concerning Summary Judgment in World Wildlife Fund Lawsuit
STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 10, 2001--An opinion involving World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. was issued today by a trial judge in the High Court of London.

We are pleased that the judge agreed with our position that the World Wildlife Fund has acted to restrain our rights to trade.

However, we are disappointed that the judge accepted the Fund's justifications for these restraints without affording us a full trial and the right to question the Fund on its need for these restrictions.

We do not believe that the Fund has, in any way, demonstrated that our use of the initials WWF has had any impact on the Fund's activities. We do not believe there is confusion in the public's mind between the World Wrestling Federation and the World Wildlife Fund and the logos of the two organizations.

For these reasons, it is our intent to appeal the judge's decision.


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thank god the wwf did not take this one up the ass


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Do we really need f'en pandas that don't do much.