Enjoy those cigars while you can, Ronnie B!


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Cause our enlightened Democrat Congress wants to raise taxes on cigars by 20,000%.

To quote a friend of mine:

"That'll put a crimp in Hillary's election campaign...

You know Bill will insist on only the finest cigars to stick in his intern humidors. "


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For reference it makes it a roughly 10$ tax on each cigar.

Basic economics is hard for chicks. Give Pelosi a break.


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Want to just give up? Give up your cigars. Give up not being monitored. Give up your guns. Give up your pot. Give up your freedom. Just give it all up because it's not going to get better and fighting will just lead to heartbreak and disappointment.


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The Ashton Estate Sun Grown is already a $20 cigar, I can't imagine paying $30 for a single cigar. That article says Bush is going to veto it, but it's shit like this that's going to make me keep voting republican, it seems like the democrats put these dumb bills together JUST to have bush veto them so that the headline reads "Bush vetoes Children's Health". On the flipside is what I can expect to happen if Hillary or Obama win in 08 and the dems control Congress AND hold the veto power...


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I haven't been able to find information that wasn't based on the original St. Petersberg Times article. However, it doesn't appear that they are proposing a $10 per cigar tax. Currently, there is a $.05 per cigar tax. It appears that they are proposing a tax that is a percentage of the wholesale cost of the cigar with a maximum limit of $10.

I don't know what that percentage is. It could be that the percentage does cause the average tax to be close to $10. However, it's more likely that the tax will be more in the $1 range for typical cigars.

Do I want to pay an extra dollar for each cigar that I buy? No. But my $7 cigars aren't suddenly going to become $17 cigars.


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what amazes me is how little stupid shit , kind of like this, gets tacked onto some major bills. Then all of a sudden, we the taxpayers are not allowed to jerk off on a Tuesday, with our left hand , while facing the sun. F-ing BS.


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what amazes me is how little stupid shit , kind of like this, gets tacked onto some major bills.

This is not one of those cases. This is a health spending bill. The proposed taxes are part of this bill as the method for paying for the cost of this bill.

Personally, I think that all bills that will have a cost should be required to include how they will be paid for, either through an increase in taxes or, preferably, a cut in spending somewhere else.

Too many laws, that have a cost associated with them, get passed without identifying how they will be funded. Those laws just cause the country to go deeper into debt.


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Ahhh glad I get my Cubans shipped from Bermuda from a friend.


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This is fucking bullshit........


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Ahhh glad I get my Cubans shipped from Bermuda from a friend.
My downstairs neighbor was a Cuban "person seeking refuge" He got cigars from family, and the good ones. I Tried smoking one when it was cool for women to do so, but didn;t like it. My friends love them though.


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Not really a big deal for Ronnie... I mean he does have 2 radio shows ya know....the mediocre Ron & Fez show and the newly acclaimed smash hit Unmasked ...I'm sure he will be more than able to plop down a few bills for a nice cigar


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I just got an email from JR Cigars talking about this with a list of Congressmen to contact. This is fucked up. I just started smoking these damn things. It's hard enough to keep up with it.


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What a bunch of horseshit. Cigar smoking is not the same as cigarette smoking. These idiots in Washington need their collective heads examined, BOTH major parties stink.