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The New(or is it Old) Star Trek was susposed to be on tonight on 8 to 10 pm on UPN for those who have cable around NYC and the rest of the country. I think it will be replayed on Sunday????


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Sos it's a new show..
But I am not sure if they will replay it on sunday.
I have to say I liked Enterprise alot, I didnt think I would like the premise of it being befor kirk but they did a real good job with it. It's now set for a season pass on my tivo.
I'm sorry... As long as Scott Bakula is at the helm, I won't be watching it. I don't think I can get into it. If it was somebody else, then that be a different story.


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It has been atleast a decade since he did Quantum Leap. Maybe he has changed??? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


i gotta admit,i thought it would suck with scott bakula as the captain,but it didn't!!
it is a really coolshow.i like how it shows all the stuff on ship when it was first invented,like the transporters.
After watching this show for a few months, I have to say it sucks!!


ANDROMEDA is getting better all the time and is what star trek should have been!

used to watch star trek when i was little. i stopped watching after the second season of voyager.

anyways, stupid fact but 31% of all trekkies are virgins


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am i the only one not getting in this show as the other,
,but ANDROMEDA rock ass