Escape from Tomorrow - the movie Disney doesn't want you to see


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Filmed entirely guerrilla-style at Disney World and Disneyland, without permission from Disney, Escape from Tomorrow is a surreal horror fantasy about a man on the last day of a family vacation, who begins to lose his mind in the Happiest Place on Earth.

Amazingly, Disney has not sued to stop the film. They appear to be hoping it'll go away if they ignore it.


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I remember hearing about this a while back. Looks pretty bizarre. Like Eraserhead goes on vacation. I'm in.


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Damn it, vid's down.


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Okay, that's fucked up.


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any word if this will be theatrical release or released on ITunes and similar places?


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It keeps getting yanked from YouTube. Here's another one:


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A friend of mine saw this at Ebertfest. He said it wasn't the greatest film in the world but it's amazing in it's audaciousness. And he wants to see it again in October.


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Looks like some people added weird special effects to their home videos.

After skimming through the wiki, I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit. Disney is in on the gag. Pretty cool on their part.
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The trailer looks like trash. Seems like a movie based around a marketing gimmick.
Apparently it comes out tonight/tomorrow.
You can get it on iTunes and such... Is the buzz dead around this?
It's at 67% on RT

I think I'd still get it tonight or tomorrow though
None of it is as scary or as funny as it should be, and what starts out as a sly thumb in the eye of corporate power ends up as a muddled and amateurish homage to David Lynch.
Escape From Tomorrow soon turns into an endless loop of Expressionist symbolism, scoring its blunt points over and over until at last it limps off the screen, trailing suggestions of a reboot with altered players.
Although this only makes me want to see it more...
Are the fantasies of a dirty middle-age man, drooling over underage girls in short shorts and grown women dressed as cartoon characters, really something to aspire to?


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Might watch though it seems oversold like blair witch project.