ESPN runs "insensitive" Lin related headline


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Oh I did too, but we all know how this kind of humor goes over in the media.

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Pretty sure that was not intended as a direct shot at Lin. just what everyone is reading into it.
I always thought it was a kink in the armor. A little google showed some use chink some use kink. I guess someone can argue simple bad judgement and not realizing because chink in the armor is an actual saying.

Then I read the first sentence

Letting Lin zip around the court puts Knicks on a slippery slope as they nip at Bostons heels for first place.

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I know it's 3 in the morning, but whoever thought that would fly under the radar is linsane.


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Chink in the armor? How could somebody possibly think that will fly?

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Could have been worse. They could have said that the Hornets took Lin to the cleaners.

I laughed and someone is getting fired. Maybe this will put an end to the way ESPN is covering the story and all the stupid puns that were being made.


Enough with these yankee crankee slanted stories. They should get to the mystery meat of it.

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