Etrian Odyssey - Old School RPG for DS

Cunty McShitballs

Imagine, if you will...
Anyone else playing this?

Short synopsis. It is exactly what would happen if you and 4 friends made a party and tried to go on a quest.... namely getting your ass handed to you by the first monster you come across (and by almost all of the monsters thereafter).

Great points (to me anyway):
- VERY difficult
- Very old-school (reminds me of the old D and D "tunnel perspective" games for PC... like Eye of the Beholder).
- No plot
- Very little talking to people (the "town" is just a list of things you need to do.... buy/sell stuff, rest, save, resurrect, get quests, etc).
- You HAVE to draw your own map.

I get tired of a lot of the turn based RPGs where you basically walk around squashing everyone in your path, loading up on shit for boss battles, resting whenever you want, etc.

This game is different because you really have to try on all of your battles. Absolutely nothing is handed to you, so you get a lot of satisfaction out of leveling-up.... as opposed to the tedius grinding of most RPGs.

Curious to hear if anyone else is into this game.
I have it, got to like the third floor of the forest and had to's just too hard, unless I'm doing something wrong. It's enjoyable but christ it kicks my ass.