Eva Longoria Sex Tape!?

According to The Superficial and a few websites, apparently sourced by The Sun UK, there is a Eva Longoria Sex Tape on the way staring Tony Parker.

Eva Longoria's Sex Tape
BY: Actress Archives | Monday, October 1, 2007
According to The Sun UK, a sex tape of the Desperate Housewives beauty Eva Longoria and NBA star hubby Tony Parker has been leaked on to the internet.

This is not the first time that Eva's name has been mentioned in connection with a sex tape. Last year, another sex tape rumored to capture Eva Longoria in the act circulated the internet but was eventually revealed as a fake. According to The Sun, if this tape is real then it could, "become the biggest sex tape unearthed since Paris Hilton's One Night in Paris."

There has been no word from Eva or Tony or any of their representatives.
It has not yet been confirmed if the tape is genuine, but one insider who has seen the tape said, "The woman in this tape has to be Eva - either that or she has an exact double."
I'd be very happy if this thing was real, and leaked to the general public this week.


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Pound my bloody fudge!!
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Wackbag Staff
oh dear god please let this be true


New Wackbag
As someone near San Antonio I'm more interested in the Tony Parker angle of this. No homo.
I'd rather see Rick Solomon's cock than Tony Parker's uncut dirty 5 o'clock shadowed cock.


New Wackbag
Who can blame him for wanting to see Rick Solomons cock? If it's Solomons cock he wants to see, let him!
I only bring it up becuase the "Tony Parker angle" was brought up.

It reminded me we'd be seeing a dirty French cock


I have to return some videotapes!
I hope she wears makeup in the vid and wipes her dirty sanchez stache off!!

I soooo want this to be real.. Who was the star we were talking about a few weeks ago that had a sex tape?
I know there was an Eva Longoria rumor before.
Two rumors = True


You can go fuck.
She's cool if you like four foot midgets who need 3 lbs. of makeup to look hot.

I saw her in a picture snapped by some paparazzi. She was shopping or something, and looked simply awful. Awful.

I hope the tape is real though, and I hope it sucks worse than the kim kardashian tape.