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Anyone play? Since I finished my new PC (X79 I7. Gonna buy a GTX 680 in June) last month I've been hooked. It's a MMO that has a player driven economy. It's pretty much a casual hobby. It takes hours, days, and even weeks to level in skills. For the time it takes to level it gives you awesome rewards (even real money too). You can lone wolf it but if you play with a corp you can shape the game universe.

Give it a try. Follow the tutorials or you will be SOL. And be prepared to rage and inflict violence on yourself. This game is not for beginners.


Some pics I've taken.


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I tried it a long time ago. Seemed more like a chore than a game.


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I used to play Inselkampf, I hated that game and I cant imagine EVE being much more entertaining.


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Well if any one is playing and wants to give me a hand add me as a friend wrecktum


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EVE Online: Odyssey

EVE Online's 19th free expansion, Odyssey, offers new tools for exploring the stars and challenges you to breach the unknown for adventure and rewards and to face what lies on the other side.


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Inside the Epic Online Space Battle That Cost Gamers $300,000

The Battle of B-R5RB was the largest and bloodiest in the history of warfare. More than 20 million soldiers were killed and more than 600 warships—some of them kilometers long and capable of destroying lesser vessels with a single shot—destroyed in a battle that raged for 22 hours.

At issue was a distant space station, a small but vital staging area that may be a turning point in a war that has since October pitted two massive alliances in a fight for galactic supremacy.

This battle occurred within the virtual world of the popular roleplaying game Eve Online, yet it required the careful planning, ruthless determination and good fortune of, say, the invasion of Normandy.

That so epic a fight could happen in a digital realm underscores how engaging online gaming can be. Players find the virtual realm of a game like Eve no less fascinating than real life, and they often forge lasting friendships in a gaming experience unlike any other. Though it was just a game, the 7,548 people who fought the Battle of B-R could not have taken it any more seriously—and not simply because they lost virtual ships worth more than $300,000 in real-world money fighting it.

And it all started when someone forgot to pay the rent on a space station.

More of the story at the link.

So far from this battle alone with all the coverage more then 10k people created accounts the day after. I've been playing on an off for almost 2 years now and it's just a shit ton of fun. It's hard as hell at first but there are some really awesome teaching corporations. If you wanna do some spaceship violence feel free to message me.

Link for 21 day free trial



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The Enemy Vows Revenge

It was the biggest in Eve‘s history, involving 7,548 players belonging to 717 corporations and 55 alliances. More than 20 million soldiers were killed aboard the 600 or so Capital-class ships that were destroyed. Of those, 75 were Titans—16 from Murph’s forces and 59 from N3/PL. The previous record for most Titans lost in a single battle was 12.

It proved to be costly in both the digital world and the real world. More than 11 trillion Interstellar Kredits worth of ships, munitions and equipment were lost. Converted to real-world cash, that’s about $300,000. Much of that went down with the Titans, which cost around 100 billion ISK to build, putting them at about $3,500 apiece.

The Halloween War goes on, and Sideous vows to seek revenge. As thousands of players tally their losses and prepare for the next fight, many wonder how Pandemic lost sovereignty in B-R5RB to begin with.

The answer couldn’t have been any more mundane.

It appears someone forgot to check “Automatic Bill Pay” in his game settings. Pandemic Legion insists the box was checked, raising the possibility an inattentive player, a spy or even a bug in the game was to blame. Whatever the case, the rent didn’t get paid. The biggest battle in the history of forever started with a clerical error.

“One pilot’s action (or inaction) had repercussions for the entire universe,” CCP Games, the game’s publisher, wrote in its official report on the battle, “a butterfly wing causing a massive typhoon of destruction.”


Sounds impressive.


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Yea cool as shit. The second biggest battle involving Titan ships I believe 12 were blown up. What's really awesome is the difficulty it's basically nightmare mode for the most part. Once a ship is blown up it's gone for good. And Titans take like 3 months to build just the parts to build the fucking thing. It's the only game I've ever played where I actually get an adrenaline rush even flying cheap ships. And it's really awesome playing on one shared universe.
EVE looks like fun, I heard its got a really steep learning curve.