Ever Been On or To a Game Show?

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Listening to today's Dumb Off made me think of these things.

When Win Ben Stein's Money was on the air I went down to Hollywood and auditioned. There was about 50 of us and we took about a 20 minute written test. I passed that round and then they did another round where they had a bunch of us on the set in groups answering questions by an interviewer but I didn't make it out of that round. Too many classical music and art history questions did me in...

I also took a chick to see a taping of Jeopardy on a date. That was brutal. They tape a bunch of shows all on the same day, so we were in there for about 3 hours. We did get some lovely parting gifts, but I can't remember what they were.


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I saw Jeopardy being taped ... it was awful .... not at all like what you see at home. And just like oandapartycock said, it took forever to get through the tapings because they taped so many in one day. We didn't get any lovely parting gifts though - not even a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat.

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I forgot to mention that Alex Trebek was an asshole. Something happened on the show that we as the audience could not see, but he stopped the whole show and went into a little tirade about it.


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In '87 or so my then girlfriend and I went to see taping of the Dating Game. It was actually kind of funny. A guy who was on a date and was in the off stage chair claimed he couldn't answer the door when the girl first came over because he was "conditioning his mustache" at the time.
I was on The Running Man as a Stalker back in '87. I was up against the "The Butcher of Bakersfield" Ben Richards. He took out Buzzsaw, Fireball, Dynamo and Subzero but I got him in the end. No one escapes from Captain Freedom. No one.
I was on a game show in 2000 that I can't even remember the name of. Ken Ober was the host (it wasn't Remote Control). I was an idiot and looked like more of an asshole than usual. No parting gifts, no pay. Sucked.


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No, but I watched a tape of my friends parents winning the showcase showdown on The Price is Right, where they won the couch and tv that we were watching at the time.


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Remote Control - 1987 - Craftmatic Adjustable Bed - (not Kari Wuhrer) - THE BIG WINNER !!!! (8 out of 10 Videos correct)


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Closest I got was taking the online qualifying test for Jeopardy. HOLY FUCK, that was ridiculously hard. Harder than most of the shit on the Tournament of Champions. Stuff I can't imagine anyone knowing.

Probably doesn't count, but I was about to get in the hot seat on the in-park Who Wants to Be A Millionaire at Disney, but time ran out.

I was the only person in the audience poll to correctly identify the first person to play James Bond.


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auditioned for Jeopardy, toughest test EVER. Just because you can play at home and beat your friends don't think for a second you can pass the test. They said how many people pass the test on the first try and it's a tiny percentage, less than 10. Sat through the tapings, same experience everyone has talked about. Set was tiny compared to TV.

Was going to a Price is Right taping in '04 but once I heard you get your ticket and then still have to start lining up at 3am if you want to get it in I said "fuck it". If I'm on vacation in LA the last thing I'm doing at 3am is sitting around with fat housewives outside CBS in the dark.


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Watched a taping of the Wheel of Fortune when they came to New Orleans in 1999. Lasted roughly an hour and a half and was boring as fuck. They took too long back then to change the fucking letters for the goddamn games. Vanna was just as nice looking in person. Sajak would actually warm up the crowd, not some shitty stage hand. And the announcer (forgot his name) would toss out a joke here and there. Corny jokes at that.


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Nope, not me, although a guy I used to work with years ago was on The Fifth Wheel once.


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I was on To Catch a Predator.

I gotta say that was a strange kinda game show.

I won a little ankle braclet that NEVER comes off.

Now that's a quality prize.

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1991 I went to a live taping of family feud with Ray (hanging..) Colmbs.


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I went to a taping of Win, Lose, or Draw!. I don't remember much about it.


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I saw a taping of "The Craig Kilborn" show a few years back. If I go down to LA again, I'm totally going to watch the Price is Right.


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I was on Wonderama back in the 70's they had some shitty game and I won a big set of Legos... the host reeked of cigarettes


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My best friend's sister was on Wheel of Fortune. Does that count?

She won $1000, and I'm sure a good time was had by all.

Oh oh! And I won "The Weakest Link" at my company Christmas Party one year. I was the smartest fella at that particular car dealership.

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I was in a tryout to go on Where in the World is Carmen San Diego when I was in middle school. I was the last one eliminated, so I missed being on the show by one question


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I was in a tryout to go on Where in the World is Carmen San Diego when I was in middle school. I was the last one eliminated, so I missed being on the show by one question
That would've ruled. If nothing else to be meet the DJ from The Warriors, or to be able to yell "DO IT ROCKAPELLA!" at the end

edit - wow, they're talking about her on the replay.
I was on the sydicated version of MTV's Remote Control. I won a bunch of things including a trip for 2 to Aruba and a Chevy Pick up truck woo hoo


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Supermarket Sweep at the Big H shopping center in Huntington Station when I was a kid back in the sixties.


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I believe No filter Paul was on the Graham Norton show once.


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oh and I was on wpix back in the day when you had to say PIX and won a Colecovision game.