Ever lost your XM Radio/MP3 Player?

I dont have a car kit for my pioneer inno, so what I would do was place it up in the sunroof just on the shade that slides back and forth just to get good reception. Been doing this for a couple of years now until sunday when I drove up a very steep hill and my Inno slid backwards and is now lost somewhere in the headliner of my 4 runner. Now I gotta take apart a bunch of interior panels to get to the headliner and retrieve my Inno. FML.


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I don't have a radio, I just have the app on my cell phone, so if I lost it I'd just call it....


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Someone stole my Original Skyfi out out of my car. I listen magically without subscribing now.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
some worthless piece of shit stole my myfy a few years ago, i want to skin him alive and fuck his screaming asshole while throwing sallt or acid on him then slit his tendons then choke him so the last thing he sees is my smiling face
So I spent about a half hour taking apart my headliner in the 4runner and ended up pulling the INNO out. Only broke one stupid plastic clip.
If by lost my Inno you mean gave it away, then yes.
Stupid Inno...


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I lost my XM radio right into the fucking trash when the merger hit.


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I had XM for six years, and bought my wife a roady after my original myfi died. On Christmas eve someone broke into her car and took it. I called XM a couple days later to get it cancelled.

Getting it cancelled was such a hassle dealing with customer service I just cancelled my entire service. I am taking a long family road trip this summer, and after 2 years without, I finally resubscribed for 6 months. I have barely listened to it.


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The xmp3i and onyx are the latest versions. $180 - $80 range depending on sales.