Ok I need to know EVERYBODYS opinion of the colors.

your opinion in general

I've changed the text color from silver to white...Is it to bright?

anyone want the old board colors back?

oh by the way I'm not doing anymore hacks for a while... This is UBB ver 6.01 .. 6.02 just came out today, Im not going to upgrade yet cause I would have to redo all the hacks (who's online, avatars, aim, last reply by, etc) so I will wait till like 6.1 comes out, then I'll upgrade and do all the hacks at one time.
I like the colors. I wouldnt want to see the old colors back but i would like the black on black back.


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Damn sorry for not seeing this anytome soner... I like the colors of the site it looks great.. I dont think you need to change it to how it use to be this looks more unique


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It's all good. Maybe you could experiment with different backround colors. But Black and blue are my favorite colors. So I can't really be a critic.

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Can't comment about the old colors but I think the board looks great! I like the darker backgrounds with the lighter font...


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once you don't change the color back to white .it ok because the white blind me at night when i go on to the borad