Everything vs Everything MUGEN

Has anyone ever played this game and does anyone know how to get it? It's completely insane. Full of every video game character, wrestler, cartoon character. I want to play this really bad. Youtube is full of videos of this. Does anyone know anything about this game?



You can go fuck.
Yeah, it's an alright idea when it's not bugging or crashing.

You have to basically compile your own characters for it though. It's an emulator that can use any background of any game, any character of any game, etc. Just needs to be configured.

There's a list of at least 2000 pre-made characters and probably as many background stages.

You can play it either on the pc, or a modded xbox 1.
(I prefered the xb1 for it)

I'm pretty sure there's probably a few different pre-compiled versions packed with everything you need to get started.

It's more of a novelty than anything polished and balanced worth playing, if you ask me.