Evil E-rock: Rocks the fat ass!

The crack coming off that hand to ass contact today, was fantastic!

Perhaps there's something wrong with me, but it's so hot to hear that annoying cunt wail out in pain. There is something about the hurt in a woman's voice that shoots the blood right to my cock. The he belittles her right on cue. Evil Erock fuckin' rules!

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Yea, ERock was fuckin great today. He really made that hole's waste of air time into some great radio.


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I liked hearing blunt Kenny come out and repeat what E Rock said about her ugly face.

I only wish she would have cried, that's what gets me all purple in the peener.


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E-Rock just releasing frustration on that skanks ass.


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I was on hold 2 minutes after the spank to just say I was proud as fuck of Erock after that beating. I was like a father watching his kid smack a homer after striking out all season. He earned a shitfuck of respect from me immediately. Way to go E.


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Fuckin yappy cunt thinks she's friggin madonna with her accents. Good for you E-rock, way to show her and save the bit.

Wonder who his 3rd victim is gonna be?

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Way to smack that ass, Erock. A little harder next time, please.

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Your breath smells like a dead baby's coffin.
Great job E.

Her fucking incessant fake laugh was like listening to nails accross a blackboard. Next time use a bat accross the back of her head.


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Heil E-Rock


I created FRED, fuckface. Show some respect.
Personally, I'm a big fan of the new "Street ERock."


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i have it recorded on myfi and now cant wait to listen to the audio

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ERock is my boy for life:)

You really did prove yourself Eric:):)

Love when people other than O&A and Jimmy pick on E-Rock and he turns it on them. Unfortunately, counting today, I've only heard it happen twice.


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E-Rock was great today. He spanked her physically and verbally.
I agree completely, and it'll be backhanded but I didn't expect him to be able to verbally lay her out the way he did. He was quicker today than I ever heard him before.


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Gotta love the E-rock. Sure he's an incompetent sometimes, but he fucking reminded me of that stupid "Unleashed" Movie... Opie pretty much just said, "Go ahead" and he fucking wailed on her. Good for E-rock.

As a side note, I think we found a new reason to bring whores in the studio, if nothing to get a spanking from E-rock... will be fun at least until the law suit.


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E-Rock is my fucking hero. Turned that boring prattling bitch into radio gold.


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He deserves a raise...

Most ugly guys are intimidated by good looking girls, or girls in general. I loved his snide "I'm intimidated by intelligent women" comment, silly whore...

Fucking great, if only he could do the same to his hero...


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just want to try to keep this on top of the other posts....ERock was AWESOMEEEEEE.....oh my god, he was like Opie incarnate, that hole was the freakin worst...she might have a great ass, but uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh to hear strippers...uh...i mean balet dancers...talk about anything on the boys show...=zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz even before erock did what he did, opie was starting to trash her and was great....its nice to see the boys bring the help into play once in a while! LOL

strippers/pornstars/legitimater actressess=bad radio...unless Opie and Anthony are the spot they are on!!!