Ex-wife wants part of $4m hubby received for 25 year wrongful conviction compensation

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Man who spent 25 years behind bars for crime he didn't commit faces losing $4 million compensation to ex-wife who divorced him while he was in prison

Last updated at 8:24 AM on 15th December 2011

A man who spent 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit faces losing his $4m compensation to his ex-wife.

Steven Phillips faces a court battle to keep hold of the money he was awarded for his wrongful conviction.

He was released from a life sentence for **** in 2008 after DNA proved he could not have been the attacker.

But now his ex-wife Traci Tucker, who divorced him three years into his life sentence, has taken him to court in a bid to get a share of the $4m compensation.

She claims he owes her money that she would have been entitled to had they divorced and shared their assets.

But 51-year-old Phillips said his ex has been with another man for over 20 years and has had nothing to do with her.

His lawyer Tim McKenzie described Tucker's claim as more 'like winning the lottery 20 years after a divorce'.

'The overall issue,' McKenzie says, 'is when people come into money, everybody comes out of the walls.'

Phillips said his ex wife rarely visited him in prison and stopped coming altogether after three years.

The couple were divorced in 1991.

Lawyers said Tucker, who has a son with her ex-husband, is attempting to make legal history by going after the compensation paid to a wrongfully convicted person.

Her ex-husband, a roofer, was jailed in 1982 for a two day crime spree involving several sexual assaults.

Investigators later found the DNA matched that of Sidney Alvin Goodyear, who went out to carry a series of further attacks. Goodyear had died by the time Phillips was freed.

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I hope he murders this bitch and they consider the 25 years he already spent in jail as time served.


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No judge in their right mind would find for the ex wife. She is a fucking twat and I hope she is miserable every day for the rest of her pathetic life.


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I hope murders this bitch and they consider the 25 years he already spent in jail as time served.
As great as that would be, the time served has been paid off by the 4million, so is no longer a credit.
Might be even better if he thought he could do that and then realized the error. I'd watch that movie.