Excellent job, Stingray!!!!

Originally posted by Ilovemywoodfloor:
Nice board....I like the format and the philosophy....

Hi everybody!!!!!
Hey Baby!!!!!

Yeah, you'll find this a much cozier, quieter and
cooler board! Right now there are only a select number
of people on it.

All A-holes get banned & deleted immediately
for insulting, stupid, flaming and/or immature posts!- cool!
I'm glad....because a horrible incident occurred on the other board yesterday, and I could use some quiet, mature people.
LOL....well, the members of the other board are pretty narrow-minded and insist on trying to attack me, without even entertaining my TRUE explanation.....Forget it.....it's the past.....
either PM me or email me and I'll explain....I'd rather not encourage the stupidity on this board!