Exotic snake suspected in boys' deaths in Canada


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Police in Canada are looking into the deaths of two young boys who appear to have been strangled by an exotic snake.

The boys, ages 5 and 7, were found dead Monday morning at an apartment in Campbellton, New Brunswick. They had been sleeping over at a friend's apartment above a reptile store, according to a statement from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Early indications suggest that a snake from the store escaped its enclosure, got into the ventilation system, then the apartment, and strangled the two boys, the statement said.

The snake was captured, and police have it in their possession.

Autopsies on the boys' bodies will be performed Tuesday.

A neighbor, Diane Fournier, has lived on the same street as the pet store for 12 years. She described the deaths as "shocking."

"I knew the kids. They were brothers. They played in my yard with my dogs all of the time," she said.

Fournier sent CNN a photograph her husband took of the store. It showed police cars, cones and yellow tape blocking off the area.

The store, Reptile Ocean Inc., offered condolences on its Facebook page before shutting it down.

"deepest symphathies goes out to the family of the children. a terrible accident without a meaning. this page will be shut down temporarily to avoid any further demeaning comments. you should be ashamed of yourselves," the post read.

"we all have a heavy heart today. as anyone would. and attacks on the animals owner are unneccesary."
Uncle Paul was just in Canada and possesses an exotic snake, coincidence?

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It didn't take long for a picture to leak.


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That's a pretty fucking ambitious snake to leave its premises through a ventilation duct and strangle TWO little Canadian tots.

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Probably a Burmese python, there the most common to kill their owners. Which is because there the most common large constrictor snake that morons buy and have no idea how large it gets.

To bad humans have shoulders, those kids would have fed that snake for at least a year or more.


Lying causes cat piss smell.

Private Eight Ball has been named as a person of interest.

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attempted murder? now honestly, what is that?
the boys' other friend survived.



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Now a murder investigation:
Snake deaths now a murder investigation
Two Canadian boys killed by a python could now be a homicide
  • Investigations into two young Canadian brothers thought to be strangled by a python has taken a twist, with police now treating it as a possible murder.

    Connor Barthe, 7, and brother Noah, 5, were killed while they slept in an apartment above an exotic pet store, but there were no screams.

    It comes after the mother of the pair posted hundreds of photos of her boys taken last year, playing in and cleaning her neighbours snake cage.

    Police have stepped up their inquiries, but won’t release further details until full post mortem results are known.

    Snake experts have also raised questions stating pythons seeking food always bite first.

    John Marais from the African Snake Bite Institute said “if it grabs a kid, you’re going to have more than enough time to scream”.

    “You can’t be asleep and be bitten by a python and strangled. That’s impossible,” Mr Marais told News Limited. “You’re going to wake up instantly.”

    It’s believed the non-poisonous rock python escaped its enclosure and got into the ventilation system, before slithering into the apartment where the boys were sleeping.