Exterior basement stairs solution?


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A while ago, Ant was talking about his exterior basement stairs. They were a set of outdoor stars that led down to a basement door and had a drain at the landing outside the basement door.

Well, I have a friend with a similar setup. And like Ant, the drain at the bottom will get clogged or sometimes just can't handle the amount of rainwater which is coming in, so the basement gets flooded through the door causing gigantic mess.

Do any of you have a solution to that? The basement exit is going into a lot of houses these days as part of the relatively new code for such, and this seems to be something that they haven't figured out before they had these exits put in for fire safety.


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Put in a drain at a higher level that will work after the lower drain clogs. :)

Or build a cover over the exterior stairs. Awning, porch, sunroom, etc.

Or replace the door with a surplus hatch from a ship and keep it dogged tight.


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A perfect location for a dry well.
Which is great, until the drain gets clogged with dirt/mud.

I was just wondering if there was a smarter way to go about this. I've been idly looking at new homes, and am worried since I could be inheriting this sort of problem myself.


Have a grate made with larger openings. A local weld shop should be able to handle the work.

Or add larger holes in the existing one.


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Leave a push broom next to the basement door. Maybe a sump pump and a hose long enough to run to a more suitable drain.


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dry wells are not infinite and if you have so much water building up in the first place, the well will fill too

you just need to break down and get a great, not good but a great sump pump that will keep up with the water

or go with the ships hatch idea

the Streif

Back fill your basement. Problem solved.