F--K my brother?


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Here's the gist
I work for my brother , have been doing so for 9 years
when I was almost down & out he gave me a job, I make him and myself good money, but about 6 months ago, he brought our worthlees nephew to come to work for him, it's my nephews 5th time working with us in 3 years . My nephew brings in a little bit of more $$$ than me and " helps" my brother out. My nephew also totally pisses 1 out of 6 custermers off, to the extent they just tell him and I , sometimes, to leave. I'm going to Chicago in a few weeks to hang with a buddy , who might be able to get a very, very ,job, almost 3 times what I make from my brother.
1-- should I take the new job?
2-- what should I tell my bro?
3-- should I just stay working for my bro and enjoy the perks?

need some feedback quick as I visit my freind in 3 weeks



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Check your PM man! It's not a job offer, but some advice. I'm going through something similar, I just want to be careful!


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stay and work and suck up your jealously of your nephew


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what perks do you get from working from your brother?

If you really want to take the new job then just tell your brother that you were offered something & would be making more money. Tell him you want to check it out and if it doesn't work out, you want to come back to work with him. If he took your nephew back 5 times why wouldn't he take you back?

Just make sure you're making the move because you really want to make the move and not because of your nephew. You're always going to wind up working with assholes whether or not they're family, so don't use that as a deciding factor.


That's very hurtful, sir.
More power to you. I can deal with my brother once a week. I couldn't imagine working with him.

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just being an ass

take the job stupid!

your brother will understand.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
quit, take the other job, you will always be second fiddle to the "nephew" i stayed at my old job for about 5 years too long, and ive stayed at this one 4 years too long, really the perks will follow you after you establish your self

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BROTHER. Me dad brother... PLumbing business,.

My dad partied everyday very laxed business. liked the horses.

brother 5 years older drug addict, drunk... tought me everything i know. decided to be rich.took dads business, dad helped... millionairs......

Im 14 learned from the best....no room for me.... even as far as my brother taking his money and buying me out of the will..

Im 40... lifted a vanity top today barely.. Elbows, SHOT wrists SHOT BODY shot.

I thought I was doing it all for my family. I worked my body to this state for 14 years.

both millionairs, and my claim to fame is president of Wackbag and I drink alot.

get yours brother .

And before you judge you really need to know ME not GD.

The only thing I gained was knowledge.... take it or leave it.


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Get the hell out of there. Smartest thing i did in a similar situation was move 2000 plus miles.


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Take the other job if it sounds right. Live for yourself, not others. If your brother doesn't understand why you left for more money, he's retarded. Just give him 2 weeks, don't up and quit.
wanna buy a house in a south suburb of chicago near the train?
itll be ready by thanksgiving. look me up


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I agree with most and say go for it now while you have the chance. If you don't try you may regret it, which would really suck. Your brother hopefully will understand what's best for you and will be supportive.
i personally can live a "what if " life. in 92 i moved to seattle on a moments notice. thought i had a great job lined up , it fell through. 8 months later i was back in chicago. i rather take the chance and it go wrong then spend my life wonderin " what if i had gone to seattle". so tell yer brother , take the chance, and dont wonder about things you couldve done. or some shit like that


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Don't fuck him, tell him you have a great opportunity and you really wanna try to make it on your own. Give him enough notice and maybe give him a hand even after you start your new job so that his business doesn't suffer, he should understand, if not then fuck him


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First off thanks for the advice.

what perks do you get from working from your brother?

No insurance, free vehicle that the company pays for , it's a work van, cell phone , that the company pays for, and a place to live cheap. I live with my brother , and my nephew , and another dude in a 2 story house . I pay $250 a month everything included. I have to pay for all my gas, i'm a technician, and some days i've had to fill up twice in a day. So the gas bill is quite high. Before my nephew got here I made $800-$900 a week , with him here we split, so lately I make $500-$600 a week. I have high bp and those pills cost a shit load each month. The job in Chicago is a union job , so i'll get all the benifits, but lose my other perks.


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1.) Go where you will get more satisfaction out of your job. Satisfaction to me means going into work and actually being excited for the day, not crazy excited that's just not reality work is work, but excited for what the day has to offer. You sound like your in sales so another aspect to look at in terms of satisfacion is b.) is your brothers buisness selling a better product or is your friend? Just from a little expierence it's much easier and feels so much better selling something I know is the best. And of course, c.) financial satisfaction. Some may see it as a bad thing to take a job just because it's more money but if it has the other things i've listed there's nothing wrong with setting yourself up with extra money for now and the future,,,you sound like you deserve it.

2.) Absolutely tell your brother,,,make up your mind first though, don't make him offer you a better deal he's family it's different if you tell just some boss your considering another job and he throws more cash and incentives at you,,,if you do it to your brother it's just being a prick.

3.) Get out if you decide it's "what YOU wan't",,,don't consider the family factor,,,you have a family or will have a family and it's time to do it on your own if your new job will be more satisfying....plus do you really wan't to work for your brother your whole life?

good luck though sounds like a tough decision, I wish you the best


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could you just beat your nephews ass? that'll learn 'em :action-sm
Fuck working with, for, and around family. It's called business for a reason. You love them because they're family and that's exactly why you shouldn't mix the two. Best to keep them the two separate so you can be as rapacious as possible.


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take the new job.. If your brother thinks it makes good business sense, he will match the offer. If not, it makes good sense for you to take the job..


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May sure your brother can handle the business himself and take the job if that is what you want.

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250 a month rent? free cell and wheels? fuck stay put.


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Ummm what does the nephew do that "helps"??????
If it is Drugs or worse....Get the fuck out !!!
otherwise I'd agree with Moosen!
Nothing Ventured...... Strike while the Iron is hot!.........Opportunity Knocks....all that old but true stuff!


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i say if your going to make more money and be happier your bother will understand. if he doesn't then he might be acting a little selfishly. good luck bro